About Postcards123.com
A Division of Ambassador Marketing Group
Postcard marketing is a proven, low-risk investment that should be included in the advertising budget of every dental practice. But you already had a sense of that, or you wouldn't be here. So what makes postcards123.com worth considering?

We like to think its because we've distilled over three decades of industy experience into a potent recipe of direct mail marketing success for our valued clients.

Postcards123.com is a division of Ambassador Marketing Group — a South Florida-based printing business that has been family-owned and operated since it’s inception in 1994.

We believe that producing a quality product at a fair price, backed by exceptional customer service is the cornerstone to success in any endeavor. That may sound trite in today’s day and age, but these principles and values are increasingly harder to find in some companies. It’s almost a joke, but when you order fast food at a drive-thru and get home to find they actually got your order correct, you’re thrilled.

We believe that our word is a bond to our customers. Not flashy sales gimmicks, bait and switch promotions or empty promises. We understand that a majority of our clients are just like us. Entrepreneurs. And more often than not the kitchen or dining room table serves as headquarters when starting out. Not to mention babies crying and dogs barking in the background during important business calls. We get it. We’ve been there.