Terms of Service


Refund Policy

Once Postcards123.com receives your online order and payment, your job in placed in production, the sale is considered final and no refunds will be issued.

This also applies if the digital files that you’ve submitted are not in accordance with our artwork guidelines and requirements. If we make an error in the output or production process, we will re-run the job. It is your responsibility to inform us within 24 hours of delivery if there is a defect in your materials. The complete order of defective materials must be returned within 5 business days to qualify for the re-run.

Sales Tax

Postcards123.com charges sales tax on all orders received from within the state of Florida. If you have tax exempt status, you’ll need to email or fax us a copy of tax exemption certificate.

Accuracy of Color

While every effort will be made to faithfully reproduce colors and density from your digital files, it is understood that inherent limitations exist with the printing process, ink combinations and certain paper stocks. Because of this, we cannot guarantee 100% color accuracy between the proofs you submit and the final result. If you have questions or concerns about a specific job, please contact out pre-press experts prior to submitting your order. We will provide the necessary guidance and explain your options. While no refund requests will be honored for color imperfections, the possibilities of this occuring in the first place are slim as Postcards123.com does not do gang-run printing. Your job being the only one run allows our expert pressmen to focus on the details of your job.

Be aware that screen proofs, PDFs and laser/inkjet printer documents are not accurate sources for color matching on a printing press.

Errors on the Printed Piece

If we had a dollar for every piece we’ve seen roll off the press with a typographical or structural error, we’d be fishing off the coast of Cabo San Lucas full-time by now!

In no way, shape or form are we responsible for misspellings, grammar that would get you kicked out of English 101, bad punctuation, run-on sentences, etc. Also, if your digital files include poor quality images, incorrect folds, cut lines, bad transparencies, or trim sizes (be sure to use one of our free templates! Needless to say, refunds or request for the job to be re-ran after corrections have been made will get you laughed out of our accountants office — so be sure to have your job proof-read by as many eyeballs as possible before sending us your files.


You have the option of picking up your job in person or selecting a delivery offering from Federal Express, our current shipping partner. Postcards123.com is not responsible for delays or interruptions in service from FedEx once the materials leave our hands. If you need your order by a specific date, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to avoid higher fees. Remember to take the turnaround time in consideration, as well as where and when FedEx delivers. If you have any concerns about your job getting to the right place at the right time, please contact your customer service rep ahead of time for personalized attention. We’ll make every effort within the law to make sure you’re covered.

Mailing List Services

Contact one of our direct mail experts for full details on our mailing serivces.